Seima is a Limited Liability Company that has successfully operated on the Kraków commercial estate market since 2003. Among our partners you will find the biggest companies from the retail and fuel sectors. Recently Seima is focused on finding and acquiring attractive and unique properties located in the South of Poland.

The main field of Seima activities is “pre-development” activity. Seima plans to intensify its cooperation with third parties regarding the development of retail chains. The main scope of these activities is conducting market analysis verifying the demand for certain brands and afterwards defining the most potential areas and pointing the most suitable locations. In the next stage Seima acquires selected properties and applies for all permits necessary to realize the investment. The final step is the sale of a project ready for construction to an operator or financial investor. Seima also wants to expand in this field and take care of project management and construction  process in order to sell to the final user not only ready to develop plots of land but also turn-key finished stores. Such an extended scope of services will result in the increase of the profitability of these projects. Second field of Seima’s activities is development of luxurious residential projects. Preparations for the present stage took few years. During  this period the Company concentrated on pre-development activities starting from acquisition of real properties, obtaining required permits, working on the architectural conceptions and projects and finally  acting as a substitute investor.

Seima multiplied its assets within last few years due to experience, broad knowledge and conscious use of the real estate market mechanisms. The developer’s activity focused on construction of luxurious residential compounds, office, retail and mixed-use projects gives the investors full security of the equity invested in the projects. It also creates new opportunities of stable investment in the growing market of retail properties and luxurious residential projects.